This page provides information about affiliated website communities which are currently known to this website. These are a small fraction of the thousands of websites and dozens of projects and providers which participate in this communications network.
Type: Y
Version: 24.07.12
Location: USA

Version: 24.07.12

Type: YunoHost Streams
Version: 24.07.12

Type: biophilic
Version: 24.01.09
Location: CZ

Type: zap
Version: 24.06.05

Type: Streams at els Mussols
Version: 24.07.09

Type: Mesh2Net - streamsサーバー -
Version: 24.07.08
Access type: subscription
Location: Japan
『Mesh2Net ( メッシュトゥーネット ) 』は、株式会社レインボーリンク(RainbowLink Inc.)が運営する『streams』の有料stream(招待制有料サーバー)です。


当社は、ユーザーの皆様にお支払いいただいた月収益の10分の1を、半年ごとに、Mr.Mike Macgirvinに寄付します。当社の会計上は、「ソフトウェア使用料 software ("streams") usage fee on Mesh2.Net」として支払います。

Type: socialwebs
Version: 23.12.09

Type: phani on streams
Version: 24.07.12

Type: y
Version: 23.09.26
fediverse development site

Type: Cirtensis
Version: 24.07.12

Type: Diversi Spiritus
Access type: free
Diversi Spiritus
Streams Fediverse Site

Type: Streams by Markku
Version: 24.07.12

Type: Get Ready To Rumbly
Version: 24.07.09
Access type: free
Location: RumblyVille
Welcome to Rumbly. "Rumbly" comes from Winnie the Pooh. "Rumbly in my tumbly". Users are welcome to create new accounts here for no charge, however if your registration email address has more than two "dots" I will very likely decline service to your account. I do not monitor the content posted by users, but I do respond and investigate valid complaints.

Type: Bunny of Doom
Version: 24.07.09
A private Fediverse server running (streams)

Type: The Shire
Version: 24.07.12
Access type: tiered service plans

Type: karuna dharma
Version: 24.07.05
Es handelt sich eine private Seite ohne Registrierungsmöglichkeit.

Type: CaseLibre
Location: France

Type: Streams
Version: 24.04.11

Type: Tales of My Life
Version: 24.07.05
Access type: free
Location: USA
Social Media set up to share life updates & photos and to connect with others around the world.
Political or other controversial posts are not welcome on this server. This is a place to share real life updates with friends or the world.

This social media will respect your data and privacy. It will not show you ads. This is a public service I'm providing to friends and family. Donations are always welcome, but not required.

Type: YunoHost Streams
Version: 24.07.08

Type: K&T Host
Version: 24.07.05
K&T Host social stream and Fediverse communications platform

Type: DiabloCanyon2
Version: 24.07.03

Type: Nomád - Streams
Version: 24.06.29
Access type: free
Location: Magyarország
Nomád ist meine kleine (streams) Instanz und mein Beitrag dazu, andere Instanzen ggf. ein wenig zu entlasten (das Fediverse ist dezentral).

Type: streams
Version: 25.11.22

Type: a
Version: 24.02.09
This is a limited installation of Streams. Its purpose is:
  • to serve as a personal instance for baslow, the administrator
  • to test, evaluate and develop ways of using Streams in an anticipated public instance

Type: axehaft
Version: 24.03.12

Type: Streams
Version: 24.05.13

Type: Web3 PBS
Version: 24.04.11
Location: Kane County, Illinois
Home of The Residential Owner-operated Network (#TheRON)

Type: farthinghale
Version: 23.08.31
Location: USA

Type: la-kosma-avangardo
Version: 24.02.14
Welcome to La Kosma Avangardo. Join our community for people looking to democratize and make space exploration and space settlement more ethical, accessible, inclusive and equitable. Space should be for everyone! Esperanto encouraged (hence the name).

Type: microhive
Version: 24.04.03
Location: Germany
Proudly working with (streams) # An open source fediverse server with a long history of innovation based on privacy, resilience, and ethics # ActivityPub and Nomad (the underground fediverse)

Type: free
Version: 23.05.07
Location: USA